84 Bethlehem Pike (Rear)
Philadelphia, PA 19118

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Sarena Kabakoff

Sarena has always had a love of body movement practices, as she has been training to be a dancer since the age of 8. She is in love with the bliss that results upon the union of the body and mind. Naturally, yoga helped her to further her body-mind connection through meditation and an astute awareness of her physical and subtle bodies. She became addicted about 2 and a half years ago, establishing a daily practice that inspires her to fully wake up each day. It was soon after that she enrolled in Dana Hot Yoga’s teacher training, graduating in the fall of 2014.
Sarena offers a heated class, with creative sequencing, and a multitude of meditative imagery. She aspires to help her students cultivate an awareness of the sensations within their bodies. Focusing the attention on the body which cannot leave the present moment, helps the mind to not get caught in the traps of tomorrows and yesterdays. Her inspiration stems from the natural world, eastern religion, and the endless unfolding of her body’s own narrative. She encourages her students to practice with a deep-rooted intention, loosening the grip of the chaotic mind, and aligning with the thinking body. This opens the space to revel in the simple, but magnificent miracle of being alive.

Sarena Kabakoff is currently not instructing any classes.