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Carly McDade

Carly entered into her own yoga journey nearly 10 years ago, as a way of accessing a means to exercise while living in the cold, snowy winters of New England. She soon realized that the lessons and benefits of the practice reach far beyond the physical body. What might be the most inspiring to Carly, is the profound revelation that much of her yoga path stems from a truly intrinsic place. In recognizing the interconnections of our universe through yoga philosophy and tradition, she has found a deeper ability to live more presently - and Carly hopes to cultivate a similar space of gratitude during her classes. Through a life-long love of learning, she also adheres to the idea that anyone who teaches must continue to remain a student. Carly completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Blue Banyan Yoga Studio of Mt. Airy. In addition to her yoga instruction, Carly works in the field of mental health and wellness as a family therapist.

Carly McDade instructs the following:
  • Summer Solstice & Self Care: A Yoga Workshop
  • Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year – that is, the longest experience of Daylight – and the marked beginning of a new season. What else comes out of the Solstice? Might we can tap into the rich cycles of Mother Nature, so that we begin to align the rich cycles of ourselves? Perhaps we can cultivate a deeper awareness of that which does not serve us, release, and then focus on the energies and experiences that sustain? In this workshop – designed for anyone who is looking to amplify their Self-Care practices – you can do just that.

    Carly invites you to join her on Sunday, June 25th, for a yoga workshop created for setting such intentions. By way of yogic philosophy and practices (such as asana, breathwork, chanting), and the art of free-write journaling, Carly wants to support your exploration of this courageous ‘burning up’ (also known as tapas) to free up space for future goals. During the afternoon, Carly will lead you through some guided meditation and yoga sequencing, including a longer-than-usual Savasana, conceived with the purpose of restoration and rebirth – akin to the power of our preceding Summer Solstice on June 21st.

    No experience is required – come exactly as you are. Whether or not you are new to yoga on the mat, Carly will be fully present for your journey as instructor. Her main goal is to highlight opportunities in your daily living off of the mat, where you can continue this ritual of deliberate self-care and personal enrichment.

    Please feel free to bring your favorite notebook and/or writing utensils, though paper and pens will be provided.

    Date: Sunday, June 25

    Time: 2-4pm

    Where: tAra Yoga Chestnut Hill

    Investment: $25 in advance or, $30 at the door

  • Level 1/2 (Basic/Intermediate)
  • We pride ourselves on gearing our classes toward the actual students in the classroom and not teaching a set sequence of postures that may not be suitable for everyone. This class will blend the basics covered in Level 1 (Basic) classes with a more moderate pace which is introduced in Level 2 (Intermediate) classes, depending on who is in the room that day.  Basic postures will be covered, and more advanced modifications will be offered for those ready to deepen their postures and yoga practice. See our class descriptions for Level 1 and Level 2 classes for more detail.