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Hallie Fischer

Hallie Fischer, RYT 200, has been practicing yoga for many years but didn’t take her practice too seriously until a back injury introduced to her to a deeper and more meaningful practice a few years ago. Through this deeper practice, Hallie has taught herself the importance of the physical and mental practice both on and off the mat and she tries to be mindful in her day to day activity. In her teaching, she hopes to educate others in the importance of yoga and mindfulness but not lose site of the fun and playful aspect of yoga that she has been taught! Hallie became a certified teacher in 2016 at Moyo Yoga in Schwenksville, PA under the teaching and mentoring of Maureen Priest.

Hallie Fischer instructs the following:
  • Level 1/2 (Basic/Intermediate)
  • We pride ourselves on gearing our classes toward the actual students in the classroom and not teaching a set sequence of postures that may not be suitable for everyone. This class will blend the basics covered in Level 1 (Basic) classes with a more moderate pace which is introduced in Level 2 (Intermediate) classes, depending on who is in the room that day.  Basic postures will be covered, and more advanced modifications will be offered for those ready to deepen their postures and yoga practice. See our class descriptions for Level 1 and Level 2 classes for more detail.

  • Level 1 (Basic)
  • In this class you will learn the basics of sun salutations, foundations of yoga postures and shapes, and the importance of connection with breath.  This class is great beginners with little or no prior yoga experience and for those interested in slowing it down and revisiting essential alignment, flow and breathwork priciples